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Why should I register on this site? is a dedicated site for artists to showcase their talent across the world and each artist can immediately be identified by name, instrument, city & country, genre, critics and viewer's ratings. No other site allows so many ways to identify and zero in on a talent.

Why am I restricted to only audio or video uploads and of only 2 minutes? believes that a 2 minute audio or video is sufficient to showcase a artist's talent and allow a viewer to recognise the potential of the artist who can also post links to their own website or any other site where longer duration uploads are viewable.

What is permissible in the audio or video upload? respects freedom of speech and freedom to practice art but it equally respects privacy as well so as to ensure that no one is offended in any way. Accordingly no material which is derogatory to anyone, contains nudity or profanity or any offensive content will be permitted. is an all age, family oriented, secular website for showcasing talent and does not wish to host offensive content and material which will antagonise anyone.

What can be the benefits for a artist and is it possible for one registrant to collaborate and chat with another?
In order to respect privacy, each artist registered with may fill in a contact request which will be forwarded by to the other party who may decide to reply or not.